State of the City


The pandemic will continue to change how we live, work, and create in ways we can only imagine. Oslo’s annual benchmark, “Oslo State of the City,” is more relevant than ever. The comprehensive outside-in review of Oslo is based on 750 global benchmarks and indexes. It examines how Oslo is progressing in areas like business, city development, liveability, and the visitor economy, and the region's opportunities on the global stage.

Oslo’s international benchmark performance

Dr Tim Moonen, Jake Nunley and Maria Lawrence.
The Business of Cities


The world’s attention is returning to the future prospects of cities, and what it will take for cities to succeed. In a context of fluctuating fortunes for many different cities, the relative confidence and trust in Oslo's ability to bounce back post-Covid in fact appears to be high.

It is now six years since the Oslo region launched its brand strategy and since The Business of Cities began systematically benchmarking Oslo’s progress on the global stage. These annual ‘outside-in’ reviews provide a window into how the world sees Oslo, and how its strengths and reputation compare to other high-performing cities on the international stage.

The data from hundreds of studies point to a bigger visibility jump for Oslo than ever before. This reflects growing confidence among overseas residents, a reputation for resilience among investors, and enthusiasm among entrepreneurs, visitors and residents alike.


How recognised is Oslo as a region that is prosperous and open for business?



How is Oslo regarded for its capability to build companies and its access to specialist skills?



How well is Oslo known for what it offers people in terms of health, lifestyle and warm welcome?



What is the day-to-day physical experience like in Oslo, of working, living and travelling in the region?